Dental Care

Lifecare’s team of dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists is dedicated to providing you and your family with quality, affordable dental services. We will work with you to help prevent disease, restore function, and improve your smile. We offer a variety of dental services, including exams, x-rays and cleanings, as well as referrals for additional services.

Your dental health affects your overall health. Because it is so important, our providers encourage parents to start their children’s dental care as young as three years old, with a general exam by the hygienist and a complete exam by the dentist at the age of five. Lifecare is here for you throughout your entire dental health journey!


Dental services for preventive and restorative care are available at two of our locations: 

Lifecare Canton – Lincoln Street

2725 Lincoln Street E
Canton, OH 44707

Lifecare Massillon 

820 Amherst Rd NE
Massillon, OH 44646

Dental exam

Dental Exams

Comprehensive assessments by our skilled team to evaluate oral health, identify issues, and tailor personalized treatment plans for optimal dental wellness.

Dental x-ray

Dental X-Rays

Utilizing advanced imaging technology, we capture detailed images to aid in diagnosis, enabling precise treatment planning and enhancing the effectiveness of dental care.

Minor restorations

Minor Restorations

Swift and efficient repair of minor dental issues such as small cavities or chipped teeth, restoring both function and aesthetics to your smile.

Dental work


Expertly performed extractions when necessary, ensuring minimal discomfort and promoting swift recovery for improved oral health and wellbeing.

Dental cleaning

Cleanings and Dental Hygiene

Thorough cleanings and preventive care by our dedicated dental hygienists to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria, maintaining optimal oral hygiene and preventing future dental problems.

Dental education

Dental Education

Informative sessions and personalized guidance on oral hygiene practices, preventive care, and maintenance to empower patients with the knowledge for lifelong dental wellness.

Dental referrals


Seamless coordination with trusted specialists when specialized care is required beyond our scope, ensuring comprehensive and integrated dental treatment for our patients’ needs.

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